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The Final Blog of the Northwest Side Group 2010

How many times have you turned on the television lately and seen numerous advertisements for the candidates of the recent election? On these advertisements candidates spent billions of dollars simply to attack their opponent. What if all that money was used to support tutor/mentor programs in different neighborhoods? To create more awareness on this issue, letters to the elected leaders on the need for funding and success stories on the programs would emphasize the need.

Upon researching the Northwest side of Chicago, we found that many of the centers were funded by the government with a small percentage of private donors. This showed us how important that government funding is to these programs. While government funding is very important, there are many regulations on how this money is spent. Private donations can be used for anything the center feels is necessary.

In order to get more active supporters in these programs, elected officials could supply more incentives to the private donors and volunteers. These incentives could include tax-deductions, proof of involvement, and inclusion in the program.

Our advice to the next group of students writing these blogs, would be really getting involved in the research. It is important to take an interest in what you are finding and keep an open mind through it all. The next focus for the group should be continuing these programs, volunteering and spreading the knowledge.