How Are These Programs Being Funded?

In Logan Square, 2/3 of the centers get government funding (mainly from Illinois Department of Human Services). The other center, Logan Square Boys and Girls Club, is funded by fundations and private donors. Christopher House is mainly sponsored by U.S. Cellular and also gets funds from the Secretary of State Office. This closely compares to Metro Achievement Center which is mainly funded by Walgreens- another bug corporation. Metro was one of our service trips destinations last week.


In Humboldt Park, both centers have many ways for private donations. SELF has a partnership with the Chicago Public Schools and others in the community. El Centro Nuestro is associated with a private company- United Way of Metropolitan Chicago.

Albany Park’s few centers are mainly funded by the community and private donors. Since this is a higher-income area, it makes sense that alot of their funding comes from the community.


1 Response to “How Are These Programs Being Funded?”

  1. 1 Daniel Bassill October 28, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    As you look at how tutor/mentor programs are funded, I encourage you to read and reflect on some of these articles talking about Challenges facing non profits –

    If you talk with the leaders of the programs you are looking at ask if their revenue is equal, less, or the same over the past two or three years. Ask if the major funders are covering 100% of the program expenses, or if there are still some needs not being funded.

    Also ask if they do, or do not, have professional fundraising staff. Larger non profits have professionals who do this work, and have money to invest in finding donors. Smaller non profits don’t have such staffs, and the people doing the work connecting kids and volunteers are also the ones who are trying to find the money.

    Please share this comment with the other groups who are looking a tutor/mentor programs so they can be asking the same questions.

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