Tutor/Mentor Programs

This week, we researched the tutor/mentor programs on the Northwest side. The results throughout our three areas varied greatly. In Humboldt Park there were 7 centers with tutor/mentor programs. The Chicago Youth Center, Centro Nuestro and The SELF: Sembrando El Futuro were two of the 7 center researched.  The SELF center works along side of Juvenile Justice Diversion program which is referred by the Cook county Juvenile court CAP police station that places children in the centers rather than having to go through criminal prosecution for some children. Both of these centers offered many services for bilingual students. This is a common factor between all our areas, which is understandable after researching schools last week and the demographics of the neighborhoods. Logan Square has three tutor/mentor programs, and two of them emphasize the ESL program. Specifically, Christopher House and Logan Square Neighborhood Association work with the bilingual students. Lastly was Albany Park – which came up with no centers strictly working with children. Many private tutors were found during researching this area.  The Albany Park Community Center offers tutoring for children but mainly aimed towards adults. It is possible that the students get tutored inside their personal schools. This could relate to the fact that Albany Park is a higher-income neighborhood compared to Humboldt Park; which is an area of lower-income households. Another similarity is that Logan Square and Humboldt Park are in need of volunteers in their facilities. Even though there are many differences between our neighborhoods in the Northwest side, there are still similarities in the programs they provide.


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  1. 1 Kim Kipp October 14, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    Hello! We are a new online news source also covering the Northwest side of Chicago. I wonder if you would allow us to reprint some of your material? Of coarse we would give all credit to you and link back.
    Please let me know your thoughts- I know our readers would find your material interesting.
    KIm Kipp
    Hispanically Speaking News

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