Logan Square:

Logan square has a total of six nearby schools, which include grades pre-k to 12th. In addition, Logan Square has an average of two tutoring/mentor programs which are: ASPIRA and Boys and Girls Club.

After having research on Logan Square, I was able to find that in the year 2005 the number of children from ages 0-17 had a population of 3,000-7,000. Records also indicate that averages of 5,887 children, in grades of k-12, are enrolled in a local school. This indicates that most children from age five and up in the Logan Square community are enrolled in a school.

On the other hand, statistics demonstrate that the number of pre-k slots per child ages 3-4 in 2006, are of a ratio of 0.26 to 0.42. Also, the number of after-school program slots per youth 13-17 according to the Census tract illustrates that in 2006, there was a ratio of 0.12 to 0.24.

In conclusion, it is clear to see that not every child in the Logan Square area is enrolled in a tutoring/mentor program. Furthermore, the slots offered in after-school programs are low compared to the population of children in Logan Square. In addition to, most of the programs are only offered to a specific age group, meaning that not every child in Logan Square has the opportunity to be in a tutor/mentor program. Therefore, it’s important for the programs that are established now, to continue on expand as much as possible.

Little Italy and Greek Town

Little Italy and Greek town are both popular neighborhoods which makes them condensed with people. Among those people are children of different age groups that need schools and after school programs that will provide these children with education outside of the classroom. Tutor and mentor programs do just that. They give children of different ages the opportunity to have fun while learning. Unfortunately, when combining these two communities there are only 2 tutor mentor programs available for about 750 children from grades K-12.  One of these organizations is Mercy Home for Boys and Girls which hold about 130 children ages 11 to 21, and the other is Midtown Educational Foundation which helps children from grades 4-12. The number of children is not specified but in both these institutions children from grades K-3 have no room.  Thus, some children are left without a tutor/mentor program that can enrich their young lives even further.


Albany Park:

Albany Park is a neighborhood that  has about 18 Chicago Public School and 5 Private Schools. By doing some research, I came to find out that about 11,984 students (K-12th grade) are currently attending public schools. In additon to another 1,002 students that are attending private schools. Between public and private schools there are about 694 teachers working there. However, what surprised was that about half of the students in both, private and public schools, were attending a tutor/mentor program. Albany Park has a tutoring and mentoring program known as the Albany Park Community Center. About 6,400 students attend this program annually. It was very shocking to see how half of the students from K-12th grade are actually attending the APCC. I would like to see this number increase as years go by. I just ask myself this question: why are some students not using the resources offered to them in this program? They should appreciate the resources offered because in the long run it is going to help them with their education.

Ukrainian Village:

The Ukrainian Village has a population of about 31,999 people. Of this population, about 3,768 are children in kindergarten through 12th grade. The Ukrainian Village is home to three private schools, Chicago Academy For The Arts, Suzuki – Orff School For Music and Noble St Charter Academy Math And Science, and seven public schools, including Noble St Cs – Golder Preparatory, Richard Milburn Alternative High School, Wells Community Academy High School, Near North Special Education Center, Peabody Elementary School, Noble Street Charter High School, and Carpenter Elementary School. I was unable to accurate numbers of students enrolled in tutoring or mentoring programs in the Ukrainian Village. As I previously mentioned, the neighborhood is incredibly small. Because of its size, there are so few programs located in the neighborhood. The few programs available in the Ukrainian Village, unfortunately do not list information on how many children they serve.

Humboldt Park:

In the Humboldt Park neighborhood there are 21 Chicago Public Schools and 5 private schools. In total there are about 11,000 children that live in the neighborhood that are in Kindergarten up to the 12th grade. There are 10 tutor mentor programs that serve the community. Since there is such a high number of children in the area there are a high number of tutor mentor programs to help with the high number of kids. The average number of kids served yearly in the tutor mentor programs is about 450-500.

Over the course of an entire year the tutor mentor programs serve about 4,800 kids in the Humboldt Park neighborhood. The neighborhood is highly populated and having a great number of tutor mentor program is a good thing because that gives all the children a chance to enroll.

According to the Chicago Public School‘s statistics, most of the schools in the Humboldt Park area barely meet minimum state averages when it comes grades and attendance. Graduation rates were much lower than state average. Having more tutor mentor programs could benefit the neighborhood because they would help the children focus more in their education.


2 Responses to “Statistics”

  1. 1 Dan Bassill November 16, 2009 at 11:15 am

    As you look at the statistics, showing how many kids live in a neighborhood, and how few are in tutor/mentor programs, I encourage you to add a “call to action” to your articles.

    What can people reading your blog do to provide time, talent, or dollars to help tutor/mentor programs operate in these areas? Point to the Tutor/Mentor Database on so your readers can search for themselves, to find contact information and web sites for programs in these areas, or in other parts of the city.

    Some people might know of programs we don’t have in the database, or might find that some programs no longer exist. By reading your blog articles they might be motivated to provide us with new information that helps us keep the data as current and accurate as possible.

  2. 2 assigeott November 25, 2009 at 1:12 pm

    Oh my god loved reading your blogpost. I submitted your feed to my google reader.

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